Learn about NCJWSTL's commitment to children attending and staying in school through community service projects like Kids Community Closet and Back to School! Store from our partner organization KIPP representative, school social worker Daniel McCready.

Partnerships and collaborations ensure that women, children and families in St. Louis are getting their needs met. Thank you to all of our partners and to Daniel for sharing the impact he sees everyday.

In 2020, we've increased our reach from 1,500 to 2,000 area elementary students in need. We can't do this important work without your support.

Please consider volunteering or Sponsoring a Child. Help children start school and stay in school with confidence!


There wouldn’t be a Back to School! Store without the generous financial support from local companies, foundations, synagogues and churches, service groups and individuals.

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Whether you are interested in joining the steering committee, holding a fund-raising event, or helping with socially distanced or virtual volunteer opportunities, we can use your help!

For more information, email mranger@ncjwstl.org

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For $180, you can sponsor a deserving child…giving them everything they need to go back to school excited about learning.

Every donation, at any amount, helps.

Please donate today.

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